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Help For Parent

The Community Advocate (CA) program provides temporary services to families who need help to address a wide range of problems. The Advocate teams up with the family’s caseworker to ensure they are linked to case plan services addressing issues like family management, parenting, or substance abuse treatment. Community Advocates also support to kinship caregivers to facilitate and stabilize the placement of children in their homes.

Community Advocates for Parents

Own Home/Reunification Services
Supporting parents during the initial six weeks of the referral to prevent the removal, and/or assist with reunification of, the child(ren) and their parent(s).

Relative/Free Home Placement Services
Supporting relatives during the initial six (6) weeks of the child(ren)’s placement in relative care.

Family Case Conference and Administrative Reviews
Supporting families by attending family case conferences and administrative reviews to ensure that needed services are identified.

Advocating, Navigating, and Linking
Identifying, and helping families navigate systems that can connect them to service providers, housing, healthcare, legal services, educational supports, such as ODJFS, daycare, WIC, social security, resource centers, shelters, food banks, summer programming, etc.

Housing Assistance
Community Advocates will link eligible families to the Lucas County Metropolitan Housing Authority (LHMA) Family Unification Program (FUP) for Section 8 vouchers. For families not eligible for FUP, advocates will complete a housing to identify any barriers that may impede their ability to attain affordable housing in the private sector.


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