If you suspect child abuse, call our 24/7 Hotline   |   419-213-2273 (CARE)

Information For Parents

You may have been contacted because Lucas County Children Services received a report of possible abuse, neglect, or dependency of a child or children in your care. When a report is made, we are required to investigate to see whether it is true or not.

If the person making the report is concerned about your child’s safety or well-being, we will talk with your child, you, and others who can help us understand the situation and determine what actions, if any, may be necessary.

After we assess your situation, we may:
End the investigation with no other involvement,
Refer you to other community services, or;
Open a case with your family.

When we finish our investigation and assessment, we will send you a letter telling you our conclusions and recommendations. Cases are closed when there is an assurance that the children are safe.