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Security Officer
Support Services Department


Contacts Intake and Emergency Services workers for walk-in cases. Monitors Level 1 and Level 2 visitation (line of sight supervision). Document all parent/child interactions for supervised Level 1 Visits. Assists staff in dealing with unruly visitors/clients. Monitor the Case Review meetings. Respond to all panic buttons in the building. Supervises visitors in building – wands visitors as necessary; clears cases to determine if someone needs or already has assigned caseworker. When needed, provides security escort for caseworkers and clients. Escort children from the parking garage to the visitation department for caregivers that are to have no contact with parents due to safety concerns.

Write reports and contacts police agencies relating to accidents and incidents, and providing information to Caseworker and/or other appropriate or designated Agency staff member. Promote a culture of safety within the agency by advising Casework or other agency staff of the best course of action during an emergent situation. Acts as a liaison between caseworkers and law enforcement. Remains available to assist agency staff with the process of filing a police report or obtaining a protection order correctly.

Performs background checks for Caseworkers, Human Resources and other appropriate staff as needed via the BCII & FBI Fingerprinting System, and distribute results to the appropriate parties. Contact BCII regarding outstanding fingerprint results. Conducts Lucas County record checks and provides Caseworkers with police photos. Issues employee ID badges, Building access cards, nameplates and keys.

Monitor the building for any issues (Fire, leaks, elevator malfunction) during business hours and after hours. Contacts and maintains contact with individuals entrapped in the elevator. Contacts individual’s supervisor and/or emergency contact if needed.

Performs safety and security checks of building, including checks on first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and building/garage lighting etc. Monitors security cameras, traffic in parking garage and outside building; enforces traffic rules, processes necessary paperwork on violations. Train incoming Contract Security Officers of the functions of their duties including building rounds, stairwell lock-up, annex rounds, and other aspects as needed. Promote a culture of safety for agency staff by acting as Contract Security’s on-site supervisor to ensure all building lockdowns and unlocks are conducted correctly.


High School diploma or equivalent required. Experience or education (prefer 2-year degree in law enforcement) in safety and security practices and in public/human relations. Ability to receive CPR and First Aid certification required.

Ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Ability to operate personal computer or ability to learn. Valid driver’s license.

Physical examination required after job offer is made to ensure ability to perform all essential duties. Home phone number required. Ability to work effectively in a multi-cultural work environment required.

Salary Range: $37,710 – $52,798

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we are committed to a diverse work force.


705 Adams St., Toledo, OH 43604

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