Ongoing Caregiver Training

Family foster caregivers are required by the State of Ohio to complete 40 hours of training every two years to maintain their foster care license. Treatment foster caregivers are required to complete 60 hours. The curriculum is developed in accordance with the caregiver’s Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA)  and Individual Development Plan (IDP). 

Registration Instructions:

  • If you are a foster caregiver through LCCS, enroll yourself in training sessions through E-TRACK:
  • If you are a foster caregiver through another agency, or if you are a daycare provider for LCCS, you will NOT be in E-TRACK.
    • Please call 419-213-3505 to reserve a seat on a space-available basis for foster/adoption ongoing training.

Post Registration NOTES/Instructions:

  • Class will be closed to anyone arriving more than fifteen (15) minutes late.
  • We are adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines. Facemasks and social distancing are required.

~ Training Schedule ~

Visit Information For Current Foster Parents,
for additional information about ongoing training requirements and resources.

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