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Indicators of the Physical Abuser

In a family where physical abuse is occurring, the abusive adult may:

  • have unrealistically high standards and expectations for himself/his children
  • be rigid or compulsive
  • be hostile and aggressive
  • be impulsive with poor emotional control
  • be authoritative and demanding
  • fear or resent authority
  • lack control or fear losing control
  • be cruel or sadistic
  • be irrational
  • be incapable of child rearing
  • trust no one
  • believe in the necessity of harsh physical discipline
  • accept violence as a viable means of problem resolution
  • have an undue fear of spoiling the child consistently
  • react to the child with impatience or annoyance
  • be overly critical of the child and seldom discuss the child in positive terms
  • lack understanding of the child’s physical and emotional needs
  • lack understanding of the child’s developmental capabilities
  • be reluctant or unable to explain the child’s injuries or condition or give explanations which are farfetched or inconsistent with the injury
  • over or under react to the child’s injury
  • not consent to diagnostic studies of the child
  • have the child treated by a different hospital or physician each time the child needs medical attention
  • fail to keep appointments
  • perceive himself as alone, without friends or support
  • view seeking or accepting help as a weakness
  • be under pressure
  • have an emotionally dependent spouse
  • be engaged in a dominant-passive marital relationship
  • have marital problems
  • have been physically abused himself/herself
LCCS Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the community in the protection of children at risk of abuse and neglect. This is accomplished by working with families, service providers and community members to assess risk and coordinate community-based services resulting in safe, stable, and permanent families for children.

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