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De’larriona was born a preemie, but is growing well, thanks to the extra care she receives from her foster parent She likes to listen to music and play with toys that light up, and responds well when you talk to her. She enjoys watching educational TV shows and Disney movies. Her ideal forever family will …

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Maria is proud of her dark, curly hair – she likes to keep it looking stylish. This independent young woman is pleasant and easy-going. She has participated in theatrical productions, and has a lovely singing voice. Her other interests include swimming and animals – she aspires to be a veterinarian or a singer. Maria has …

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Tamagia is full of personality, and is a teen that likes to be active. She has participated in track, volleyball and basketball at school, and also enjoys swimming, camping and other outdoor fun. She has also enjoyed serving on student council, going roller skating, and shopping with her foster parent (pink is her favorite color). …

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Olivia likes to keep her hair neat and in the latest styles. She enjoys swimming, crafts, and reading horror stories. She also loves music and chatting on social media. She aspires to be a teacher or a singer. Olivia is enjoying new skills through the Independent Living program, but needs a loving, permanent home. Contact: …

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Jeraysia is an excellent student who enjoys tutoring younger children. She is very creative and interested in art – she draws exceptional animé characters. Jeraysia likes to use her tablet, play video games, and read. She wants to learn to play the piano. Jeraysia really wants to be adopted. She has a small dog, “Strudels,” …

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