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Working with Aggressive Children

Ongoing Caregiver Training Session:
Working with Aggressive Children
Wednesday, August 18, 2021  •  9:00 am – 4:00 pm

In-Person Session
The Northwest Ohio Regional Training Center (711 Adams Street, Toledo, OH 43604)

Sister M. Rybicki, Instructor
ITNA Code: 925-79
6 Credit Hours

This workshop will define anger and share with participants various methods and techniques for de-escalating a child’s anger and aggressive behaviors. The trainer will present and teach valuable communication skills necessary for dealing appropriately with the child’s aggression. Participants will learn appropriate social skills to teach the youth how to gain stronger coping skills in order to deal with their anger.

Registration Instructions:

  • If you are a foster caregiver through LCCS, enroll yourself in training sessions through E-TRACK:
  • https://e-track.teds.com/EveryOne/TEDSEveryOne.jsp
  • If you are a foster caregiver through another agency or you are a daycare provider for LCCS, you will NOT be in E-TRACK.
  • please call 419-213-3505 to reserve a seat on a space available basis for Foster/Adoption ongoing training.

Post Registration NOTES/Instructions:

  • Class will be closed to anyone arriving more than fifteen (15) minutes late.
  • We are adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines. Facemasks and social distancing required.

For information about additional Ongoing Caregiver Training Sessions, visit: https://lucaskids.net/on-going-training/

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