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Keeping them S.A.F.E. in Cyberspace

Keeping them S.A.F.E. in Cyberspace
Tuesday, January 4, 2022  •  9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Anthony President, Instructor
ITNA Code: 941-59-DL3
6 Credit Hours

Since the pandemic, more youth are required to be online for schooling. It is estimated that over 94% of children under the age of 18 use the internet (National Center for Educational Research). Generation Z is the first generation of digital natives for whom navigating the virtual world is natural, expected, and normative. Although the internet is a great educational and social networking tool, there are very real dangers that lurk in the virtual world. This workshop deals with internet maladies in the forms of hate speech, dangerous behaviors, online gang activity, human trafficking recruitment, sexting, internet predators, cyberbullying, and internet addiction, and explores what caregivers can do to help keep kids safe in cyberspace.

Registration Instructions:

  • If you are a foster caregiver through LCCS, enroll yourself in training sessions through E-TRACK:
  • If you are a foster caregiver through another agency or you are a daycare provider for LCCS,
    you will NOT be in E-TRACK.
  • please call 419-213-3505 to reserve a seat on a space available basis for Foster/Adoption ongoing training.

Post Registration NOTES/Instructions:

  • Class will be closed to anyone arriving more than fifteen (15) minutes late.
  • We are adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines. Facemasks and social distancing required.

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