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A World of Opportunities: High Risk Behaviors are Hidden in Plain Sight

A World of Opportunities: High Risk Behaviors are Hidden in Plain Sight
Saturday, January 22, 2022  •  9:00 am – 12:00 pm
DEFIANCE COUNTY (6879 Evansport Rd., Suite A, Defiance, OH 43512)
Tamme Smith, Instructor
ITNA Code: 988-50
3 Credit Hours

This workshop will explore the ways society portrays drugs, gangs, and sex, and these portrayals effect our youth. Information will be provided about Ohio drug trends. Participants will explore a model of a teen’s bedroom, seeking possible cues or signs that could hint to risky and/or illegal activity, including underage drinking, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Participants will gain strategies for working with youth and primary parents who demonstrate trauma indicators that manifest in gang involvement or the abuse of drugs and alcohol. Information about local resources and support will be provided.

Registration Instructions:

  • If you are a foster caregiver through LCCS, enroll yourself in training sessions through E-TRACK:
  • If you are a foster caregiver through another agency or you are a daycare provider for LCCS,
    you will NOT be in E-TRACK.
  • please call 419-213-3505 to reserve a seat on a space available basis for Foster/Adoption ongoing training.

Post Registration NOTES/Instructions:

  • Class will be closed to anyone arriving more than fifteen (15) minutes late.
  • We are adhering to strict COVID-19 guidelines. Facemasks and social distancing required.

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