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Strong Man/Gentle Man

Whether you realize it or not, a relationship with a woman who has children is a package deal.
There may be times when she asks you to watch them while she’s working or running errands. It’s a big responsibility. She’s putting her trust in you.

Here are some facts:

  • Kids do cry for no reason.
    That can be really frustrating when you don’t know why. You need to keep your cool. Always.
  • Kids are messy.
    Toddlers have accidents, and they get into things that they shouldn’t. Take a deep breath before reacting.
  • Young lives depend on you.
    Their safety is your top priority. Don’t get distracted by something else. You’re a caregiver. You’re legally on the hook for their well-being.

A split second moment of frustration could lead to a tragedy for a child, and time behind bars for you.

Hurting a child carries a heavy price.

Remember…ANY child in your care is YOUR responsibility.


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