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Family Search & Engagement

Managerial/Professional Division


 Plans, directs, and monitors the casework activities of subordinates: Oversees the completion of inter-county, parents, post kinship cases, and relative home studies on identified families following agency guidelines and ODHS rules.  Reviews all of the information including but not limited to interviews with household members and the assessment their characteristics and the characteristics of the child(ren) being considered for placement in an effort to ensure a stable and appropriate placement. Monitors background information on household members, including police and criminal records checks, child abuse/neglect histories, sexual offender registries, family income/employment information, and character references.  Approves the site and safety inspection of home conditions and guides families in correcting hazards.  Finalizes the approval or denial of relative or parent kinship assessment.  Attends court hearing as needed.

*Determines case assignments which includes system development on referrals, assignments and case monitoring; ensures that home visits and family team meetings occur as required; ensures notification letters are distributed;  90 Day Reviews Permanency Planning conferences are attended and utilized to search for relatives; Oversees search efforts and kinship assessments, incorporating knowledge in the area of ICPC; ensures that staff are meeting and performing extensive searches for relatives with communicating frequently to the WOR, Supervisors and GALs; supports recommendations regarding issues of custody, placement, reunification, permanency, and case closure.  Provides on-going guidance and support through case conferences, field observations, attendance at family case conferences and court hearings, and constructive feedback.  Defines performance expectations and assists staff in setting priorities. 

*Plans, directs and monitors the activities of the DFS Kinship Assessment and Family Search and Engagement worker and 30 Days to Family Specialist while performing duties including completion of interstate, intercounty and relative home studies following agency guidelines and ODHS rules.  Develops a curriculum of services which can also include tracking systems, referral process, and training guides to support the mission statement of LCCS. 

Produces documentation of case conferences and other case directives provided.  Disseminates information regarding agency policy and procedures and provides support and rationale for new directives.  Meets with manager on a regular basis to discuss permanent plans for children, problematic cases, and potential disciplinary issues.  Plans, directs, and monitors work of subordinates.  Conducts performance evaluations and reviews position descriptions on regularly prescribed basis.

Adjusts first level grievances, takes and recommends disciplinary action.  Interviews and screens applicants for casework positions, makes recommendations for hiring and firing.  Ensures agency and department/unit goals and objectives are achieved, including but not limited to, family-centered neighborhood-based initiatives, and Performance Improvement Plans related to state/federal standards for outcome achievements.  Assists in ensuring coordination of identified services, identifies service gaps, service delivery and training needs, etc.

Cooperates with other units to maintain productive relationship ensuring optimum services to families.  Monitors information flow and documentation systems within unit.  Participates in various committee assignments.  Attends trainings and conferences.  Provides feedback to agency personnel as needed.  Performs other related duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree in social work or a related field with seven (7) years casework experience to include five (5) years’ work experience as a CW Caseworker 3 or Master’s degree in Social Work or related field and three (3) years’ experience in protective services required.  Previous supervisory experience preferred.

Knowledge of the following is helpful:  Governmental Structure; Public/Human Relations; Labor/Management Relations; management/supervisory techniques.  Demonstrated ability to model effective interactions and communication skills in cross-cultural situations required.  Residential or other personal telephone required.

Salary Range $58,348.20 – $87,505.60

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of abused and neglected children in our community, please apply online at lucaskids.net/lccs-job-openings with salary requirements.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer we are committed to a diverse work force.


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