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Indicators of a Parent
Committing Neglect

In the family where neglect is occurring, the neglecting adult may:

  • be apathetic
  • have a constant craving for excitement and change
  • express dissatisfaction with his/her life
  • express desire to be free of the demands of the child
  • lack interest in the child’s activities
  • have a low acceptance of the child’s dependency needs
  • be generally unskilled as a parent
  • have little planning or organizational skills
  • frequently appear unkempt
  • perceive the child as a burden or bother
  • be occupied more with his/her problems than with the child’s
  • be overly critical of the child and seldom discuss him/her in positive terms
  • have unrealistic expectations of the child, expecting or demanding behavior beyond the child’s years or ability
  • seldom touch or look at the child
  • ignore the child’s crying or react with impatience
  • keep the child confined, perhaps in a crib or playpen, for long periods of time
  • be hard to locate
  • lack understanding of the child’s physical or emotional needs
  • be sad or moody
  • fit the clinical description “passive and dependent”
  • lack understanding of the child’s developmental capabilities
  • fail to keep appointments and return telephone calls
  • have been neglected himself/herself
LCCS Mission Statement

Our mission is to lead the community in the protection of children at risk of abuse and neglect. This is accomplished by working with families, service providers and community members to assess risk and coordinate community-based services resulting in safe, stable, and permanent families for children.

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