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Pre-Service Training – MODULE 2: The Child Welfare Team

Foster Parent Pre-Service Training

MODULE 2: The Child Welfare Team

Virtual-Instructor Lead, 2 hours (Go To Training)

Friday, February 5, 2021  •  9am – 11am

Module II of Preservice training discusses the history and goals of foster care, kinship care, and adoption and examines the role of foster and kinship caregivers and adoptive parents within the system. Emphasis is placed on the primary care team: the child, the foster or kinship caregiver or adoptive parent, the primary parent, and the agency caseworker. Participants become aware of strategies to use teams effectively to serve children and families.

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Foster Parent Pre-Service Training consists of twelve (12) Modules.
For a list of all Module descriptions and schedules, visit: https://lucaskids.net/fp-virtual-preservice-training/

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