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Ages 8-12


Michael is an intelligent young man who has an infectious smile that lights up the room. Michael can be very helpful and kind and he likes spending time with friends and caregivers. He enjoys playing video games, water parks, going out to eat and taking in a movie. He has talked about wanting to play …

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Austin is a very intelligent young man that thrives on positive attention and reinforcement from caregivers who provide him with a structured lifestyle. His caregiver has found that he does well when he knows in advance how much TV and video game time he can have. Otherwise, he enjoys being helpful around the house, playing …

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Mesyiah is a busy young man, usually the first out of bed in the morning to watch cartoons or play video games. He is active, spending hours outside on his bike or playing sports with the other kids in the neighborhood. Mesyiah is also a good eater. His caregiver reports that he enjoys home-style cooking, …

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