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Lucas County Children Awaiting Forever Families

Meet Ja’von, Tavion, Shaquille, Corianne, Ishiah & Jesstiss

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This group of brothers and sisters, currently living with four different foster families, would like nothing more than to be adopted together. Ja’von, the oldest, is a good student who is helpful in the kitchen. He enjoys playing basketball. Tavion also likes to help with preparing meals. He plays the trumpet and enjoys living with his older brother. Shaquille is working on life skills such as making his bed and putting his clothes away. He likes riding his bike and playing games on his tablet. Corianne loves the dogs in her foster home, and likes to color and play outside. Ishiah (pronounced ‘Isaiah’) is a bundle of energy. He also likes dogs and playing outdoors. Finally, Jesstiss, who lives with her older sister, is doing very well in day care and likes tacos and “ketchup soup” (tomato soup). The ideal family for these children would have experience in working with children to overcome trauma and in advocating for children with learning challenges.

  • Ja’Van: Born July 2005  |  ID# 14858954
  • Tavion: Born September 2006  |  ID# 14856939 
  • Shaquille: Born August 2008  |  ID# 14856937 
  • Corianne: Born July 2012  |  ID# 14858948
  • Ishiah: Born December 2013  |  ID# 14860927  
  • Jesstiss: Born July 2016  |  ID# 15764926 

Contact: Vivian Davis, 419-213-3309

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