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Lucas County Children Awaiting Forever Families

Meet Dustin, Jackson & Brooklyn

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Dustin is a typical little boy, who likes to play with Hot Wheels, read, color and watch TV. He is healthy and likes a good variety of foods. Younger brother Jackson likes Paw Patrol, coloring, cars and Legos. Brooklyn is a very self-sufficient little girl; she takes pride in dressing herself and brushing her own teeth. She enjoys dolls, trucks and cars, and going to church. All three children are developmentally on target, and are awaiting an active, fun-loving family to adopt them.

  • Dustin: Born September 2011  |  ID# 11681050
  • Jackson: Born June 2013  |  ID# 11681077
  • Brooklyn: Born September 2014  |  ID# 11679043

Contact: Vivian Davis, 419-213-3309

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