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Lucas County Children Awaiting Forever Families

Meet Andrew, Michael, Jadan & Amiya

Year Born: Listed Below


ID#: Listed Below

Andrew, Michael, Jadan and Amiya are active and social siblings who are looking for a forever family that will keep them together. Andrew, the oldest, can do flips and back bends. He is very friendly and outgoing. He does well in school. Michael is equally friendly and outgoing. He likes to play games on his tablet and play outside. Jadan is very talkative and active. He makes friends easily. Amiyah, the youngest, is happy and busy, playing with her brothers and with other children.

  • Andrew: Born July 2009  |  ID# ______
  • Michael: Born January 2011  |  ID# ____
  • Jadan: Born January 2013  |  ID# ____
  • Amiyah: Born: December 2013  |  ID# ____

Contact: Karen Betz 419-213-3611

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